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Off-Campus Federal Work Study Guide

What is the Off-Campus Federal Work-Study Community Service Program?

  • The opportunity to work off-campus at a public or private non-profit organization in a community service role.
  • The opportunity to integrate and apply classroom learning into community service.
  • Part-time employment opportunities for work-study students.
  • A form of financial aid.

Why Should I Participate in Community Service?

The Community Service option is one that enables Federal Work-Study eligible students to do more than earn money. Community service positions are designed to improve the quality of life for community residents. Positions are available in the fields of child care, tutoring, recreation, rehabilitation, the environment, youth services, and elderly care. Use your federal work-study allotment to make a difference!

Regardless of your academic major, employers value community service. Participation in the Community Service Program enhances your marketability to future employers.

How Do I Qualify To Participate?

  • Establish eligibility for Federal Work-Study by completing the Financial Aid Form (FAFSA), available in the Financial Aid Office, Green Hall, Room 101.
  • Accept your financial aid award, which must include Federal Work-Study.
  • Only Federal Work-Study recipients are eligible to apply to these opportunities. Contact Student Financial Assistance at x2211 with questions about your financial aid award.

What Salary and Hours are Associated With Community Service?

  • Work-study award amounts are specified in your financial aid award letter. Your earnings for the academic year may not exceed this work-study award amount.
  • You arrange your schedule and discuss your job responsibilities with your supervisor. You may work a maximum of fifteen hours per week.
  • Salary levels are determined by the Student Employment Office and are based upon individual job responsibilities.
  • You are paid by the hour (hours must be verified by your supervisor).
  • Pick up paychecks at The College of New Jersey Payroll Office, Admin. Building, Room 101.

How are CFWS students paid?

  • Community Federal Work Study students are paid by the hour. The pay rates are determined by the Career Center and are based on the job description. The organization is responsible fro monitoring their student employees’ time and signing off on time sheets to be submitted by the student to the College’s Payroll office on a pre-determined schedule. TCNJ then process the payroll and issues paychecks. Under Federal Work-Study regulations, students must be paid fro all hours worked, but are not paid for lunch periods or breaks.

What Steps Must I Take to Secure a Community Service Position?

  • Visit or call the Office of Career Services to review the list of agencies currently participating in the Community Service Work-Study Program.
  • Apply online to the position(s) you are interested in via the Job Listings web site.
  • Once contacted, schedule an interview with the organization. Prepare for the interview and be sure to arrive on time.
  • If the organization wishes to hire you, make sure to contact the Career Center. If you have never worked under Student Employment you will need to complete the Employment Agreement at the Career Center prior to beginning work.

Important Note:

A student’s earnings under this program may not exceed the Federal Work-Study dollar limit specified in their Financial Aid award. If a student reaches the limit of their award, the organization has the option of assuming the full salary for the student or releasing the student from their employ. Work-study award amounts differ with every individual but the average award is approximately $1200 for the full academic year.