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Guidelines / Policies

Here you can find job listings on campus as well as the various guidelines and restrictions for both employee and employer.

Guidelines for Student Employment

Who Can Apply

  • Student Employment during the academic year is restricted to current TCNJ students attending classes at TCNJ on a minimum of half-time status (undergraduates 2 units and graduate 6 credit hours).
  • During the Summer, TCNJ students do not have to be taking courses but do need to be a student who has not yet graduated in December or May.

How Students Apply

  • The first Academic Year jobs will be posted the 1st Monday in August every year.
  • As positions are posted, students may apply for each position that they are interested in, using SES (Student Employment System).
  • Positions will be posted for five working days before applications are forwarded to the departments by The Career Center staff.
  • Applications will be sent in order of federal Work-Study and date stamp. Departments will not receive all applications.
  • Departments will contact students directly to schedule interviews.

Application Tips for Students

  • Apply for multiple positions. Continue to apply for positions until you receive a job offer – it is not unusual for one student to apply for 20 positions.
  • Make sure that your contact information is updated by emailing your current address and phone number to
  • Apply for positions within the first five days a position is posted.
  • List your cell phone # in the “local” phone # field on the application.
  • Respond to calls or emails for interviews immediately. If you do not respond within two working days, employing departments may move on to other candidates.
  • Prepare for the interview and dress appropriately.

Interviewing/Hiring Process

  • The Career Center will forward applications to departments, which will then contact selected students directly for interviews.
  • Reminder: Not every application is forwarded to the hiring department. Applications are forwarded by the Career Center staff. Supervisors may only interview and hire students whose names have been forwarded by the Career Center staff. Supervisors may only interview and hire students whose names have been forwarded by The Career Center staff.

Beginning Work


  • When a department informs a student of their wish to hire them, the student must come to The Career Center, located in Roscoe West Hall 102, during working hours (hours can be found on the Career Center page).
  • They will be asked to complete their Electronic I-9. This form requires the student to present original forms of identification. Acceptable documents can be found here.
  • Students must fill out and submit their Electronic I-9 prior to the first day on the job.

Getting Paid

Payroll Schedules

  • Students are REQUIRED to apply for direct deposit through the payroll office.
  • Student workers are compensated based on their level of employmentThere will no longer be any longevity raises. There will only be cost of living raises which will be determined by the State and only level 1 student workers will be affected this year.
  • All checks can be picked up in payroll office on Fridays only from 8:30-4:30pm at Administrative Services, Building Room 102.
  • Timesheet issues can be addressed at the link, how to fill out timesheets and questions regarding deductions.

Summer Student Employment

During summer, TCNJ students do not need to be taking courses, but do need to be a TCNJ  student who has not graduated in December or May.

Student Employment during the summer is restricted to TCNJ students only through the Student Employment System. May TCNJ graduates are considered NON-TCNJ students and must apply as such. NON-TCNJ students can view jobs in JOBX but must apply directly to the supervisor. They DO NOT APPLY ONLINE. If hired, the students will go to HR and be processed as supplemental employees. See section on Non-TCNJ Summer Student Employment/Hiring Procedure.

Non-TCNJ Summer Student Employment

New and returning Non-TCNJ summer student workers must be hired as supplemental employees and go through TCNJ Human Resources Office. Please contact Career Center if you have questions at extension x2161 or contact Student Employment at for assistance.

Hiring Procedure

Posting a position in JOBX

Hour Limitations and Timesheet Guidelines

  • The Career Center has worked in collaboration with Human Resources to review policies related to the maximum amount of student employment hours per week. This is particularly important in making sure we are in compliance with the Affordable Care Act.
  • The maximum amount of hours per week a TCNJ student can work is listed below.
Sessions Maximum Hours per week
Academic Year 15 hours per week*
Winter Break 35 hours per week
Spring Break 35 hours per week
Summer 35 hours per week

Please note if a student is working in more than one student worker position, the student will need to stay within these same parameters; for example if a student is working during the academic year for 2 offices the maximum amount of hours per week would be, 15 TOTAL. After a student is hired, it will be important for supervisors to ask the student worker if they are working for another office on campus and the amount of hours they are working. This way the employer is aware of the amount of hours a student can actually work.

*Under special circumstance students can be given permission to work 20 hours per week (please contact Career Center for details)

  • If you are hiring a summer supplemental worker the maximum amount of hours per week would be 35 hours.
  • Overtime is defined as working above 40 hours in a one week period (Saturday to Friday).
  • Any student working more than 5 hours consecutively will take a minimum 30 minute unpaid break that must be reflected on their timesheet.
  • Students must submit an accurate timesheet for each pay period worked. Students should not combine hours for multiple pay periods on one timesheet.

Termination & Grievance Procedures

  • Keeping in mind that all student workers are “at will employees,” if a student employee has a work-related grievance, the student is encouraged to meet with her/his supervisor to discuss the employment issue. An earnest attempt should be made by both parties to resolve the problem.
  • Termination decisions are made by the employing department. Students who feel that they are being wrongfully terminated should exhaust all departmental appeal processes prior to pursuing a Career Center review. If the student does not feel the situation has been satisfactorily resolved, she/he can set up an appointment to discuss this grievance with the Coordinator of Student Employment.
  • Departments may have policies for student employees connecting Student Conduct outcomes to work eligibility (e. g. Residential Education and the Ambassador Program
    • Departments must inform students of this policy upon hiring a student and again when the student becomes engaged in a student conduct case.
    • Should a student conduct issue result in a student’s termination, the student may appeal through the department.
    • If the department upholds the decision, though students are typically able to appeal termination decisions through the Career Center, decisions made on the basis of student conduct outcomes, will not be grounds for appeal.
  • The final resolution of the student employee work- related grievance, other than those linked to student conduct, is decided by the Director of the Career Center.
  • In cases involving EEO claims the Coordinator will refer the student to the appropriate office. (See College policies below).

College Policies

Student Employees follow The College of New Jersey’s college-wide policies and procedures for:

For more questions on TCNJ Procedures for internal complaints click the following:

Student Employment COVID-19 Updates