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Student Employment COVID-19 Update

Dear Supervisors and Students of Student Employment:

Our top priority is the health and safety of our TCNJ community, alongside our colleagues across campus.  With this in mind, we are working with managers to minimize disruption to your earnings. Please continue to follow relevant updates from TCNJ’s Coronavirus (COVID-19) website, and stay in touch with your supervisors for information throughout this time.

Students – expect to hear directly from their supervisors soon to develop appropriate plans for projects, alternate work assignments, and schedules. If you have specific financial concerns, we encourage you to speak directly to your supervisors as they develop these plans.

Overall, please refer to our general tips and information:

  • We encourage Hiring Managers to think of alternate work assignments and relevant projects for your student staff that may be completed from a distance while they are conducting classes online.  The examples below may help generate ideas for your department or office:
    • Research.  Conduct research on topics related to your area.
    • Benchmarking.  Review best practices at other institutions, and/or draft information on best practices that exist within your own operation.
    • Job books. Create and/or update job books for future planning.
    • Data Analysis/Assessment. Enter data, analyze surveys, and/or create new surveys for items that need review.
    • Communications. Create content for social media and/or other communication projects.
  • In keeping with best practices, a tracking mechanism should be in place to document hours worked by students to verify this information for time and labor purposes. Options might include check-in and check-out by phone, email, tracking sheet, or employment app. Students will continue to record the hours they work through TimesheetX, this specific component will not be interrupted.
  • As a reminder, students who have earned paid sick leave are eligible to use it during this time. Their sick time accrual may be found on their TimeSheetX time sheet.
    • Students are unable to use sick leave during spring break as this is the session when students would regularly be off campus.
    • Students will add their sick time to their time sheet the same way they add their working hours. When students are completing their time sheets, they have a drop down option for the pay code – HRS (hours) or Sick. Students identify if they are using Sick in the Pay Code field then add their hours like a regular working shift. Supervisors will be able to see the pay code selected and can confirm the times selected are those of a regularly scheduled shift. Students are not permitted to be paid for sick time that does not correlate with a regularly scheduled shift.
    • How supervisors can view student earned sick time:
      • Please follow these steps:
      • Log into TimesheetX
      • Look under the ‘search student awards option’ within the TimesheetX menu.
      • This will then show you the awards for each student you supervise.
  • Questions or concerns? Please continue to send any inquiries to Our student employment staff will continue to monitor this inbox and respond as soon as possible. Remember information is available on our website

We greatly appreciate your patience as we navigate the fluidity of COVID-19 and its impact on student employment.

Student Employment


A message regarding Student Employment and COVID-19.