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Supervising Student Employees

Things to keep in mind when supervising student employees:

  • Remember they are students first
  • Establish a work schedule
  • Be as flexible as possible when considering schedules and requests for changes
  • If you need to make schedule changes, give as much notice as possible
  • You do not have to grant requests for changes in work schedule

If things are not working out:

  • Communicate with the employee verbally
  • Explain what the problem or difficulty is
  • Discuss together what can be done to correct it
  • Indicate what the consequences could be if the problem is not corrected (ex. different assignment, loss of responsibilities, change in schedule, reduction in hours, etc.)
  • Further discussions, leading to possible termination

If problem persists:

  • Contact the Career Center staff- We are here to help you and the student to see what can and/or should be done to rectify the situation.
  • Move to written warning
  • Define what the problem has been
  • Explain what has been done to communicate the situation to the student
  • Prepare a written performance development plan
  • State your expectations for resolving the problem
  • Be specific regarding what improvements need to be made
  • Include reasonable time lines for follow through
  • Indicate clearly what the consequences will be if not corrected
  • Have student and supervisor sign and date the document

Dismissing a student worker:

  • Contact the Student Employment Coordinator for instructions on how to proceed prior to taking action.

Equal Employment, Affirmative Action and Diversity Question:

  • Contact TCNJ Director of Equal Employment, Affirmative Action and Diversity X3139.

Student Behavioral concerns:

Many student employees spend more concentrated time at their jobs than they do any where other than their residence. Should you observe significant changes in a student behavior, visit the Student of Concern website for information on how you can assist the student.

All new student employees are now required to complete their I-9 electronically using e-Verify.